28 February 2009

6578 ......

* the number of times Nick says mommy in one day?
* the number of candy hearts I have had since Valentines Day?
* the number of miles I need to walk in order to be rid of all those candy hearts?
* the number of times I have said Crap today?
* the number of times my two " adopted" daughters have made me laugh today?
* the number of times they have said " dude" ?

All good guesses, but no. 6578 would be the number of text messages I had last month. I think I may have a problem :)


Debbi said...

I don't even know how to text. Maybe that's a good thing.

Rona said...

I'm looking at my bill - Mariah had 19,906 text messages - and now she has a problem!! You want to adopt her as well?!!

Nikki said...

all i can say is thank goodness for unlimited txt! it is sad that i would rather txt than have an actual conversation :)

angelia said...

hey girl! had a blast yesterday, guess i will get some pics posted of mine within the next few days hey i feel ya on the textin, i had rather txt instead of talk, i absolutly hate to talk on the phone! & god lord rona i thought ashtyn was bad with her 8,000 texts a month but mariah has her beat by a longshot good lord! lol hope to get with you guys again soon i hadnt got to scrap in a year! i had a blast! ttyl angelia