16 April 2014

Another layout...

She's on a roll...look out another layout!

Some fun going on here...lots of wood again...really loving all the little wood pieces! Washi, some stickers and a couple stamps. Easy peasy!
Thanks for looking!

More later...

28 March 2014

Layout Share...

This is what happens...I leave the girl alone with my iPad and this is what I find :) I gotta say, I find it hysterical and it always brightens my day.

This was really a simple layout - layers of paper some wood pieces and few stickers. Fast and easy - I love when a page comes together this quickly...I think it took about an hour, and that was while I was watching TV at the same time. Haha...gotta love the mutil-tasking!
Anything you want to know, just ask!

More later...

27 March 2014

Layout share....

Another terrible picture....must have lost that to-do list :)
Anyway, made this one a few nights ago after watching a video from Shimelle where she stamped a bunch of images and words in a loose sort of frame and then layer the papers over it. I loved the concept, so I gave it a shot. I really love how it turned out! It just sort of adds depth to the page with put adding bulk...very cool! 
I am going to add a 6x12 layout beside this one with little stories about our wonderful cat who we lost a few months ago at 13 years old.
More later...

03 November 2013

Lovely Layout Share time...

Please excuse the absolutely terrible photo...Yikes! It's pretty bad! Adding to To-Do list for today...Find a better way to photograph layout! Anyway...Made this one a couple nights ago with some goodies from a Studio Calico kit (nope, not sure which one or what exactly was from the kit and what was just in my stash...also on To-Do list - better system for keeping up with what came from where). I do know there are stickers from My Mind's Eye, die cuts from Elle's Studio, Amy Tangerine and Dear Lizzy, printable labels from Studio Calico, Thickers, enamel dots and some ink splatters.

Not gonna lie...I kinda love this layout! :)

05 September 2013

#30 Day of Lists

So I signed up for a fun class/group/challenge called #30 Days of Lists as a way to jump-start some new writing and blogging ideas. It's a fun group that you can join if you are interested - they have a private Facebook page and lots going on on Twitter and Instagram. Really fun so far... The neat thing is that you can keep it as simple or involved as you want Some (like me) are chooseing a simple notebook and quick blog post and others have created entire mini-books and are doing a little scrapbook page each day! All are awesome to see! And today I am playing catch up!

I am just using a tiny little notebook and jotting down things as I think of them, so nothing fancy here...

Day #1
What's new so far this year?
* Doug and I are officially engaged
* Nick is home and doing great
* Chris has an awesome girlfriend, Kyndal
* Kasey started High School
* I fell in love with Project Life

Projects I am currently working on
* Project Life for 2012 & 2013
* Mom's benefit dinner and silent auction
* Getting started as a Memory Works consultant
* #30 lists (duh) :)

Day #3
Things younger me would like about current me
* I still love to write and be creative - even though I don't make time to do either as much as I should
* I have an awesome fiance'
* I have tattoos
* I still love technology
* I still obsess over pretty much everything

Day #4
Favorite time wasters
* Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Pinterest...any of these is good for killing an hour (or four)
* Online blog hopping
* Scrapbook related YouTube videos
* Re-arranging pretty much anything
* Reading - although I don't actually consider this a waste of time, I can and often do get lost in a book and look up to realize it is 3am...

Day #5
Things I tend to worry about
* My Grandparents and family
* Money - ugh.
* Doug being safe on the road (and John and Red)
* Nick staying stable
* My health
* Money - yep, it needs to be on here twice.

So there you have it, the first five days of #30 lists...enjoying this project so far! Seriously, check it out!

03 September 2013

Labor Day weekend...

Wow! What a weekend! We decided to drag the camper to Twin Bridges and spend the weekend at the river... Now this sounds like a lot of fun, and really it is...but it's also a lot of work! Shopping, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, cooking, cleaning, more cooking....still it's always worth it, since we get to spend a lot of time with friends and family and NO phones! 
Cooking tends to be a long, drawn out process with these two...lots of cutting up, beer and generally taking their time. Their breakfast is always great though....worth the wait? Well.......

Sometimes the kids get a little bored, but overall they have a great time...they make new friends and get to spend a lot of time together. They get a little more freedom at the campground and the rules are a little slacker, so they are always ready to go.

And sometimes they get very tickled.....

And if you are taking pictures with your phone and lay it down...you come back to find this...and usually 100 more like it. Good grief.....

Yep, I enjoy our river weekends....

28 August 2013

Wait....what??? Did she really just post something???

Yep. Sure did.
Hello, my blog...I have missed you!
Life happens...a lot. And I realized a few days ago that I really miss this...I doubt anyone ever still checks here or will ever read this...but here I am back in bloggy world :) Rather than try to catch you up on the last, what...two years? How about I just start with what I am doing now...
Still have my same job, same two bratty boys, same boyfriend...oh wait, he is a fiance now and same two step-daughters. Still read just about anything and yes, I still love to scrapbook.

I took some time off from it though; the better part of the last two years as a matter of fact. But I realized a few months ago that I really...I mean REALLY missed it. I missed the paper, the glue, the stickers, the inky goodness under my fingernails...and I missed telling the stories. Oh I still managed to eek out a page or two here and there, but nothing even close to what I used to do. And that was OK with me for a while. I still took pictures, and thanks to Facebook and Instgram, I have lots of stories waiting to be scrapbooked.

I also fell in love (LOVE) with Project Life-style scrapbooking! I have been working on a lot of those pocket-page, 3x4 card, little bits of life type pages...here, let me show you...

See what I mean?? So much fun! I am almost done with 2012, which I have done almost entirely using only iPhone photos (man, I love that thing!) and will be starting on 2013 soon.

I am also getting ready to start a lovely little class-challenge type thingy called #30 days of Lists. I think it sounds like a really fun way to get some journaling and documenting done about ME :)

I will keep you posted...

more later..