22 February 2009

Sunday Flickr 2-22-09

Sunday Flickr 2-22-09, originally uploaded by RaceyGracie1.

Sunday Flickr is back! Did you miss me?


*Scrapper-Gone-Wild* said...

hey nikki! great 2 c u the other day...cant believe how big little nikki is gettin. love the pics on ur blog...chris is growin 2! please tell him me & ashtyn said hey. finally gettin back 2 postin on my blog, 3 days n a row now can u believe it :) well anyway just wanted 2 let u know that i really enjoyed c n u again even though i did not get 2 talk 2 u that much. i will keep checkin u r blog maybe we can all get 2gether sometime & go out 2 eat. oh by the way your journaling on u r blog cracks me up! & CONGRATS on that grand prize winning! ttyl angelia

Debbi said...

Good to see you Saturday. Between the class and make-n-takes I didn't get to visit with you all much, but it kinda felt like old times seeing everyone. I enjoyed it.