14 March 2009

Okay, so I have been a very bad blogger...but in my defense I did move so I have had to deal with packing and unpacking...and kids, and school, and work, and scrapbook stuff, and and and... okay so I'm basically just lazy and haven't posted anything :)
Anyway, about a month ago we had Nick's birthday party at the bowling alley... serious fun. Especially if you are 8.
Check it out...

This little twerp is eight now! When did that happen?

Cosmic bowling does some seriously trippy things to cameras.

Picking just the right ball is a big job that requires much thought.

I have no idea. Seriously, no idea.

Wicked trippy things...

Cheese sticks are required when you go to the bowling alley.

This kid is not right. Just not right. I take no responsibility for this...I have no idea where it comes from...his dad maybe? Television? The bus?

Trippy stuff... very, very.

All in all, a very fun time. Kids loved it. Adults tolerated it. beats a clown and McDonalds any day. :)
Hopefully I can post some scrappy stuff soon...really been itching to do some scrappin' since we have had our class things going again...want to play. But now I must clean and do laundry and all that other non-fun stuff...

More later...

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