05 August 2008

some pics and an update!

remember the photo shoot i told you about? well here's some of the pics from that - these girls are so totally adorable! i could have followed them around taking their pictures all day...so cute!

see what i mean! just beautiful!

really enjoy doing this kind of pics - so relaxed, informal and fun!

update on Chris and the Lyme disease - Dr. says tests say no Lyme, but wants him to finish meds because Lyme often shows false negatives when caught early. plus the meds are making the funky circle rash thingy go away, so that's good.

boys head back to school in a little over a week...please pray for another great teacher for Nick this year! the teacher we had last year was amazing! she really understood him and his quirks and issues. she helped him make great strides towards control and recognizing when he needed to leave a situation. hopefully, we will get another good one! chris will be a freakin' sophomore this year, can you believe that!? totally freaks me out...is he really old enough to be a sophomore? am i really old enough to have a sophomore son? yikes!

ok, well that's enough for now...k?
more later!

1 comment:

Debbi said...

Great shots!!!! Love them all, but the black and white one is so cute. Her expression is what I like to catch with my grandkids. It's so natural. Looks like you caught that with all the pics. Good job. Hope to see you soon.