01 July 2008

I Read.

I read a lot. Scary a lot. But not all the time; I go through phases - sometimes I have three books going at once and will finish anywhere from three to five books a week. then I will slow down for awhile or just get distracted with other stuff and it will take me a month to finish a book. I actually read ALL seven Harry Potter books in 10 days, but I have been reading "The Bell Jar" for about two months. It just depends on what I am reading and what else I have going on. And for the record, "The Bell Jar" is facsinating, but also a little scary - not Stephen King scary; real life scary - so I can only read a little at a time. The Harry Potter books were fluff compared to it!

Anyway...I am working on this right now:

This book will floor you. It is powerful and stunning. It will make you cry. I haven't read a book of hers yet that didn't make me cry, but hey...her books rock!
And just so you don't think I only read deep, thought provoking intellectual books (go ahead, laugh out loud!!!!) here's the book I just finished:

Basically, I'll read darn near anything that's not nailed down, but my favorites are books that make me think and definitely books
that let me escape...wink, wink...
p.s Blogger is pissing me off with this stupid formatting crap...

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