05 July 2008

Happy 4th of July....

yesterday :-)
I was just too busy to post yesterday...ok, I wasn't really, but it sounded good! The only thing I had to do yesterday was spend 2 hours cutting up fruit for fresh fruit salad and then take it to the annual 4th of July dinner/camp-out that we go to. Oh yeah, and eat. A lot. And take pictures like this...

It just made me really happy for some reason.

I did manage to take some pics at the camp ground:

Little Miss H. (They are not my kids, so I'm not using their names) There is just something about beautiful little girls with filthy, dirty faces that I love! Miss H. is a friends little girl and she managed to keep us entertained all day! Well, her and this guy... T-man

Between the two of them, we were cracking up all the live-long day.

Then there was this beauty, Miss S. Simply beautiful...even with the temp-tattoo on her forehead!

Miss H. again ...can you tell I really like these kids?

Check this out...we had a chimney log going in the fire pit...very cool!

So cool, in fact, the cows came to check it out :-)

I forgot my tri-pod, so my fireworks pictures...well, they just suck. But I kind of liked this one for some reason.

Here's Nick (pretending) snoozing in a lawn chair. He asked if it was time to do fireworks so many times that I was ready to rip my ears off by the time it got dark...ack!
Now these next two pics are my absolute favorites from yesterday (besides the grapes..hehehe) but I can't decide which I like better... the one with color

or the one without...

what do you think? Let me know...
and please don't count my kid's ribs - I promise I do feed him...really I do...

More later..

p.s. I used Photoshop Actions from Pioneer Woman on most of these photos.


Penne said...

Great pics! I love the pic of Nick without color. Which action was that? It looks awesome!

Debbi said...

I need to take a photo class from you...........great pictures.

Anonymous said...

These are really great pics! I second that on the phot class, you and Penne make me sick! LOL!