29 June 2008

Some wedding pics...sorta

Ok, so a few weeks ago Cynde's daughter got married and for some reason she invited all of her crazy scrappin' friends - I'm still not sure why :-) Trust me you'll understand my confusion when you see these pics...

She reserved a table for us waaaaayyyy in the back of the hall...right in front of the beer wagon...hmmmm...does she want us to get drunk or does she not want anyone to see us there...or does she not want anyone to see us drunk? It's all very confusing. Plus, we were right on the edge of the dance floor. Hello! Crazy friends + free beer + dance floor = very funny pics!

DISCLAIMER: I don't feel at all guilty about posting these pictures... I feel very certain that Penne, Cynde and Jodi have numerous and equally embarassing pictures of me that will soon be gracing their respective blogs...so

"I was looking back to see if you were looking back to see if I was looking back to see if you were looking back at me..."

I have no idea...but it was very, very funny!!!!!!!!

She's got her groove on.........

Extremly funny flowers...trust me, you don't want to know!

ummmm...what the heck?

Yep, a good time was had by all and we've got the pics to prove it!

More later...

p.s. Since I forgot to post the lightening pics that Chris took the other night, here's a link to the Flikr album where you can see them if you want: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8441491@N06/Posted by Picasa


Penne said...

The question is, where is the lovely pics of Jodie? :)

Anonymous said...

No, No, that's ok you can leave my lovely pics in ur camera, better yet, u can just delete them, especially one in particular, and it wouldn't hurt my feelinga AT ALL!! LOL!

Nikki said...

There was one REALLY good on eof Jodi, but I decided to be nice and not post it - I'll try to remember to email it to you guys!

Just Me said...

OMG!!! i checked this blog this morning and these were not here. HILARIOUS!!! i love it. i am so happy everyone had a good time. and WHAT were you doing to my beautiful flowers??? geez, can't leave you guys alone for one minute! lol hmmmphh, and they keep telling me they were'nt drunk. yeah right.

and my other OLD friends from HS told me to put MY friends back there so they would be close to the beer!