17 June 2008

Small Town Girls CROP!!!

Small Town Girls Crop
Your Small Town Girls have decided to host a crop!!! This will be a simple get-together-and-crop-for-fun kind of thing! This is gonna replace the Classes we were going to do. Time and life got in the way, but don't fret, we are cooking up something great for fall when all the craziness of summer is over!

No classes, no make & takes, no frills - just hanging out, cropping, eating and talking.

We have a small hall reservered for us on Saturday, June 28th all day - starting at 10am and lasting until the last scrapper falls :-)

The hall is located on Highway 61 about 3 miles north of Fruitland - a big Red Barn (don't worry - it's been remodeled!) on the right side of the highway.

The cost per peson will depend on how many show up - the building is $40 per day and we are just going to ask for a small donation to cover that cost.

Food and drinks will be pot-luck and bring your own. Bring snacks and stuff to share and your own drinks (or drinks to share...LOL!).

That's it! Nothing fancy...cheap and fun...We just want to get a bunch of us together to crop and hang out!

Please email me or Cynde to let us know your coming or if you need more directions.
Thanks a bunch and we hope to see you there!

Nikki email: scraphappy33@gmail.com
Cynde email: cyndesharok@hotmail.com

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