16 June 2008

Just some stuff....

I had a nice looooong weekend....hehehehe! I was off Wed, Thurs & Friday to go with my weekend, so going back to work today...well, it just sucked. Not because I don't like my job...no, just because I had to be at "work" - oh well...whatcha gonna do? Anyway...

Here's one of the pages I did this weekend...

This is Nick.
Nick gets mad.
Really mad.
Not just a little mad.
Really, really mad.
He's just mad for show -
You know trying to get his way.
But sometimes....
Well, sometimes it's not for show.
Sometimes, he's pissed as hell and
He's not shy about it.
This was not one of those times.
He was mad trying to get his way about something.
Why he was mad?
No idea.
Is it wrong that I was taking his picture?

I also did some pages in my Art Journal - but I'm not sharing those :-)

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