07 July 2009

My 16 year old…..


I now have a 16 year old. He is an officially licensed driver. He bought a truck today. I’m more than a little overwhelmed. I mean, how did I end up with a 16-year old that can drive and owns a truck and has a job? He’s just a rolly-polly fat baby that was just born two days ago, right? No? Huh. Interesting. But seriously, this kids of mine…the 16 year old one? He is a pretty great kid. Sure we fight and bicker and argue…show me a teenager and parent that doesn’t. But he is really a good kid. He helps around the house, has a job, has a hobby that won’t land him in jail, doesn’t drink or smoke or do drugs, goes where he says he’s going to and stays there, doesn’t abuse his phone, gets decent grades…. yep, I’m pretty darn lucky.

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Rona said...

yep and he's cute!