22 June 2008

Fire Tower and Wildflowers

It was a gorgeous Sunday here - perfect weather! We went to church this morning; kind of sad as it was Pastor's last service. He was called to another place, so we are losing him. I know he has to do what God calls him to do, but it still makes us sad to see him go.

Jeff came to get Nick after church, so Chris and I decided to go to Grandma's - one of our very favorite Sunday pastimes! He has always wanted to stop at this old firetower that is on the way to her house. Since we didn't have Nick with us, we decided today would be a good day. Memories came flooding over me as we pulled into the little gravel parking area - coming here with friends and boy friends in high school - well let's just leave it at that :-)
Anyway...we climbed to the top and I took these pictures....

I love standing at the top of this tower - feeling like I can see forever & feeling so very small in the grand scheme of things - puts stuff in perspective, you know? ...and makes you queasy if you look straight down :-)

So after a detour here, we went on to Grandma's house for lunch and a visit. Chris decided he wanted to fish, so he took off down the road to the pond in the neighbor's field. Grandma and I chatted about flowers and scrapbooking and the new baby one of my cousins had yesterday. After about an hour, Chris came back with these:
He wasn't having any luck with the fish, so he decided to pick his mom some beautiful wildflowers! Aren't they gorgeous! Give me a bunch of these over a $50 vase of roses any day! We decided to take a walk and pick some more for Grandma to have on her dining room table.

This field was absolutely filled with little white flowers! And the bees! You could hear them standing out by the road - just this roaring sound - so cool!

We tried to dig up some of the super-cool orange flowers, but ended up breaking the shovel, so we just picked a bunch of them and went on. Here's a bunch more of the flowers we saw and of course, picked...

Chris went way out into the field to get a bunch of red flowers we saw - he was knee-deep in poison ivy at the time, so that should be fun. Poor kid gets it just walking past the stuff. He was straight in the shower when we got home, so maybe it won't be bad. If you have any great tips for poison ivy relief, send them my way! Gotta say....it was a good day today.
More later...


Debbi said...

Gosh Nikki---Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday. The pictures are beautiful. Yeah, when may kids brought me a bouqet of weeds or dead frogs, that was better than roses. You were blessed yesterday.

Just Me said...

Awesome day! i miss your grandma!!!! she is so sweet. and now you have new memories to add to those old ones!!! lol (i still don't go to some places from my tennage years!) cynde