27 April 2008

An ER Trip, Little Brother and a layout....

Huh?! Well...Chris went fishing Saturday out at mom's - he took Nick with him, I ran to town to pick up meds for Nick. I had been home long enough to start the washer and take off my shoes when Mom calls and says you need to come get Chris...he has a fish hook stuck in his chin and I can't get it out. Crap! Are you freaking kidding me? So I fly out to Mom's and sure enough...what's left of a fish hook is sticking out of the underneath side of his chin. Mom got the hook cut off but then couldn't figure out which way to pull it to get it out. So off we go...back to town to the ER to get the hook removed and get a Tetnus shot. 3 hours later we are home and he is fine...embarassed and done fishing for a while, but fine.

Spent the rest of Saturday at Mom's with my litte brother, John and two of his kids...oh yeah, and his "not a real dog" Dozer.

This dog cracks me up! And to see my brother wagging it around is too funny...but he loves the little thing, so I try not to tease him too much....ok not really, but it sounded good.

Hanging out at home today - rearranged some stuff in my scrapping room and have done about 100 loads of laundry (ok, 5 but still.....) and I did a page! Check it out...

Just some random pics I took one day on my way to Grandma's - journaling says "no matter where I go; no matter how old I get...this will always be the way home for me - the crazy roads, the 'fresh' air - all of it -- Home."

ok...enough for today....

p.s. The new episode of Moonlight was AWESOME! Check it out here: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/moonlight/video/ Episode 13 if you missed it!

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Debbi said...

Nikki, The grandkids have started fishing in our pond. Logan caught an eight pounder about 24 inches long. Boy was he excited. Love the LO and the journaling is so true. Hope to see you all soon.