22 September 2007


Whew! What a weekend! Just got hone from the East Perry County Community Fair, you know the "Best Little Fair in the Land"... also known as the Altenburg Fair :-) You just gotta love 20,000 people converging on a town of 350 to drink lots of beer, watch mules jump and eat great food! Didn't get to see the parade this year - had to work (boo! hiss!), but went Fri. night and most of Saturday. Spent most of the evening watching the 4x4 truck pull - who knew I would LOVE watching big, loud trucks pulling!!! It was so cool! I know, I'm a dork...oh well! Now I'm going to lay in bed and listen the the bazzillion cars drive by on their way out of our quite little spot on the map. C-Ya!


Just Me said...

hey! i got a picture of Chris in the parade. will have to remember to bring it to ya. and just what was he doing out of school?????

Brett and Penne said...

Glad you had a good time! I have never been to this event, even thought I have heard MANY stories! :)