25 March 2007

Fun with Phoebe

1. Using your craft knife & metal ruler, cut an irregular square frame from a 10x10 inch piece of the green paper w/small pink flowers. Adhere to the background paper, at the corners of the frame only for now.

2. Cut the piece of striped paper in half & adhere, tucking it under the green frame as desired.

3. Trim the green circle paper to 10 inches & adhere.

4. Distress & ink edges of the pick photo mat & adhere picture. Adhere the photo mat to the background, taking care NOT to use adhesive under the center of the mat - you are going to make a tag that slides under the photo mat.

5. Ink the edges of the journaling tag, and stamp or draw writing lines, if desired. Tie or staple ribbon to the top of the tag & slide under the photo mat.

6. Cut 3 different sized circle out of the brown paper and adhere to the corner of the photo mat using pop-dots to layer.

7. Add brads and flowers to the lower right side of the green frame.

8. Tie two pieces of ribbon to the upper right side of the green frame & add additional adhesive to green frame if desired.

Please feel free to email me with any questions!

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