25 March 2007

Fancy Pants Scallops & Scrolls

1. Ink edges of light green/pink dot paper & adhere to the bottom of the white cardstock.
2. Ink edges of white cardstock & stamp scrolls or flourishes around the edges if desired.
3. Add small white dots to the pick scalloped paper and adhere as shown.
4. Trim wild stripe paper to about 10 inches and adhere as shown.
5. Cut out chipboard heart to make frame.
6. Cover with green paper and carefully cut out - 1f you are making the optional second page, take care to save the inner heart.
7. Ink edges fo the heart (I used olive pastel) and outline with white dots and lines.
8. Add photo and adhere heart as shown.
9. Paint scroll white, then stamp with script stamp (I used Dark peony) and ink eddges.
10. Adhere scroll as shown.
11. Using left-over green/blue paper, cut out random sized hearts; ink the edges and attach as desired, using pop-dots if you want.
Please email me with any questions!

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