05 September 2013

#30 Day of Lists

So I signed up for a fun class/group/challenge called #30 Days of Lists as a way to jump-start some new writing and blogging ideas. It's a fun group that you can join if you are interested - they have a private Facebook page and lots going on on Twitter and Instagram. Really fun so far... The neat thing is that you can keep it as simple or involved as you want Some (like me) are chooseing a simple notebook and quick blog post and others have created entire mini-books and are doing a little scrapbook page each day! All are awesome to see! And today I am playing catch up!

I am just using a tiny little notebook and jotting down things as I think of them, so nothing fancy here...

Day #1
What's new so far this year?
* Doug and I are officially engaged
* Nick is home and doing great
* Chris has an awesome girlfriend, Kyndal
* Kasey started High School
* I fell in love with Project Life

Projects I am currently working on
* Project Life for 2012 & 2013
* Mom's benefit dinner and silent auction
* Getting started as a Memory Works consultant
* #30 lists (duh) :)

Day #3
Things younger me would like about current me
* I still love to write and be creative - even though I don't make time to do either as much as I should
* I have an awesome fiance'
* I have tattoos
* I still love technology
* I still obsess over pretty much everything

Day #4
Favorite time wasters
* Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Pinterest...any of these is good for killing an hour (or four)
* Online blog hopping
* Scrapbook related YouTube videos
* Re-arranging pretty much anything
* Reading - although I don't actually consider this a waste of time, I can and often do get lost in a book and look up to realize it is 3am...

Day #5
Things I tend to worry about
* My Grandparents and family
* Money - ugh.
* Doug being safe on the road (and John and Red)
* Nick staying stable
* My health
* Money - yep, it needs to be on here twice.

So there you have it, the first five days of #30 lists...enjoying this project so far! Seriously, check it out!

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