04 January 2011

O.M.Gosh!! Finally!

After 10 years, it's finally HERE - ok, well it's ALMOST here :) hahaha....whatever, the point is that the 6th book of the Earth's Children series is finally coming! I have read this other 5 books in this series at least 5 times...each. And still love them! Can't wait to see what the latest book has in store. And yes, I have already pre-ordered my copy!


Pryn said...

i have never heard of these books and your excitement has peeked my curiosity...I am going to have to check these out ...hope you enjoy your long awaited book!


Tammy said...

OMGosh....I am so excited for a new one!! My stepdaughter and I was just saying a couple of weeks ago that we was wishing there was a new one out!!! Thanks for the heads up g/f!! I have missed you!!!!

Colleen Holmes said...

Hey Nikki, I have read all the books too and wouldn't have known there was a new one if I didn't come to your blog! Missed seeing you and hope to see more of you! Hugzzz, Colleen