29 December 2009

6 Grandkids

Ok, now that Christmas is over and my Mom has her pictures, I can finally share these :)

The only thing my Mom wanted for Christmas was pics of all 6 of her grandkids....

And here they are....

Beckah and Nick

All four of my brother's kids - Leeman, Beckah, Kayden and John

John and Kayden

John and Kayden

Chris and Nick ... not fighting.

Again, Chris and Nick...not fighting.


Again the beautiful Beckah

and all 6 of the grandkids.
By the way, Kayden....not happy with this whole deal. He wanted NO part of the pictures. None.
But we took them anyway and my Mom loved the pics. And I am so glad I got some great new pics of my boys and my neice and nephews.

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