07 October 2008

Dirtbike, boys and a yardsale....

This is Doug.

Doug rides dirtbikes.

See Doug jump his dirtbike.

See Doug racing his nephew.

See Doug trying to freak out his friend, AJ by riding really close.

See Doug getting even closer - see AJ trying to get away.

See Doug really messing with AJ now. About 3 seconds later, Doug passes AJ and leaves him eating dust...literally.

See Doug's nephew jumping, too.

This is Chris.

Chris likes to ride the 4-wheeler.

Chris like to ride fast enough to make his mother cringe and close her eyes.

Actually, they all did that but hey...they're boys! We had so much fun riding Sunday...well, I use the term "we" really loosely, because in reality the closest I got to riding anything was holding the tie-strap while he loaded and unloaded the bikes. :-) I spent the day standing on top the truck with camera in hand taking 260+ pictures, talking to Doug's daughter and hiking the track trying not to get my ass ran over. Only one wreck - Doug - and it wasn't serious...scared the crap out of me, but at least I didn't flip out like a sissy-girl :-)

more later...

p.s. I did a photo shoot Saturday of a great family with two of the cutest boys ever and I will share some pics of that in a couple days!

p.s.s. Don't forget about the scrapbook yardsale this Saturday (10-11-08) at Estes BBQ in Jackson from 3-5pm. There is a crop afterwards - if you are interested, jump over to the Stamps & Scrapbooks blog and let Rona know!


Debbi said...

Great pics Nikki.

Penne said...

Fun stuff! Now, who is Doug?

Nikki said...

he is doug and that is all that will be said about it for now :-) hehehe....

Penne said...