09 January 2008

Bad blogger!

Ack! bad blogger! Bad blogger! Bad blogger! I haven't posted in a while - obviously...duh! things have been crazed, with the holidays and work and stuff...
As you all know by now, Rona is closing the scrapbook store :-( so sad, but totally understood. We have been busy gettin gready for the last retreat and really hope to see a bunch of you there - the teachers went all out this time (not that they don't any other time, but you know what I mean!) and there are some really gorgeous projects for your scrappin' pleasure. Anyway, just a quick update. More later!


*Scrapper-Gone-Wild* said...

Whoo Hoo! Glad 2 have U back Nikki! I check almost every night to see if you have posted & tonight there it was! C ya Sat. Angelia

Just Me said...

lol! ok, i just have to say that i am not 'gettin gready'!!!! but i did catch the typing error!!!! lol welcome to my world! cynde