28 August 2007

Quick update...

just a quick update... still getting ready for the Small Town Girls retreat, trying to get projects ready and activities organized...you know all the fun stuff.
The store retreat went well - so much fun! Such a long day; but really, really fun! I always enjoy these days. So great to spend the day with all the great ladies that really get it! I will be posting pics of the projects sometime in the next couple days for those of you who bought kits.

Don't forget about signing up for the Small Town Girls retreat - almost all of the projects for the classes and kits are at the store for your viewing pleasure :-) The retreat is Sept. 8th. We are going to have technique demos from 1-2 pm and then start the classes. All of the kits will be ready for you that night and we will be there to help you complete them, as well as have any stamps or tools we used on the sample available. Please let Cynde or I know if you have any questions or suggestions! We want this to be a super night!

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